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one of my best pals ralph is applying, but he doesn't have a livejournal so he's using mine. -sa-rah-rah)

-1. Name and a nickname which you've invented for yourself within the last few seconds. ralph. ralphie if you dare. ralfalafel.
-2. five favorite bands and five bands that people would be surprised to hear that you listen to. kimya dawson, jeff lewis, leslie gore, the aquabats, atom and his package, the wiggles, deep forest, anything with robots. i like skantifolk music. and whatever else sarah listens to.
-3. What does your favorite article of clothing look like? blue wornout overalls that sarah's grandma has had to sew up once or twice. the kind that cross in the back. there's a pocket right in the front where you can store many things such as:

-a penny
-a tooth
-one or two or maybe three raisins.

-4. Your favorite band is being played on MTV and popular radio stations all of a sudden. Bad or good? why? i wouldn't notice because i don't watch tv often, but i think i'd be fine with it.
-5. Describe your favorite concert memory. one time years ago when i went to a sesame street show with sarah. big bird was there. hooray.
-6. What's the scene like in your area? not many skantifolksters as of late.
-7. Make me laugh OR provide evidence for why scenesters dont need to be funny.
-8. Why are your bands better than my bands? I'm in a skantifolk band and it owns.
-9. What are you like? (hint: respond with "I am like...") I'm your favorite stuffed animal that you got from one of those grabbyclaw machines a long time ago.
-10. if they made a soundtrack to your life, birth to death, what's the last song? jeff lewis - back when i was four
-11. What do you usually write about in your livejournal? i don't have one as of yet and am using sa-rah's.
-12. What does being scene mean to you? it means i'm superphotogenictastic and magic.
-And post 3 pictures of yourself, more if you want, but at least two have to show your face, at least one has to be completely random, and one must be the scenest photo of yourself you have.

Extra credit if you can finish this line:

"Oh --------
Are you ------ with air?"

i would, but everyone already knows i wouldn't know it and that i looked it up on google. i'm not THAT magic.

goodnight. i love you sarah.
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