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Yeah, work of the hoodlums around my house.

-1. Name and a nickname which you've invented for yourself within the last few seconds. Gremlin, masses of vaccums.
-2. five favorite bands and five bands that people would be surprised to hear that you listen to. Converge, Reverend Horton Heat, Hillbilly Hell Cats, Yeti, Dead Kennedys
-3. What does your favorite article of clothing look like? It's black and white and goes by the name of "Vans - Original".
-4. Your favorite band is being played on MTV and popular radio stations all of a sudden. Bad or good? why? Bad. Means they've sold out as much as possible and their label will most likely take them over.
-5. Describe your favorite concert memory. It was at an Aquabats show, and midget was in front of me. Or.."small person". Man, that was awesome. It was in the mosh pit, and i'm five one so it was just awesome for me. Then some chick kicked me hella hard in the leg and I fell over.
-6. What's the scene like in your area? Lots of poor people. Kids spend more money on meth, coke, crank, bud and alcohol than clothes. Way it works around here, I spose. Lots of kids talk shit but can't back it up, and like 98% of them around here don't know how stupid they are untill I tell them. haha..yeah, WA sucks.
-7. Make me laugh OR provide evidence for why scenesters dont need to be funny.
Why does Piglet smell so bad? Because he's always playing with Poo. hahaha..Yeah, I thought it was funny.
-8. Why are your bands better than my bands? Because nothing is better than Converge, Slayer, Mayhem, Brainoil, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and everything else I listen to. But I listen to mostly everything so it's hard to top.
-9. What are you like? (hint: respond with "I am like...") haha I am like a gnome.
I'm small and intense. I hate running, I know a lot of people, hold my liquor well, and I like funny hats. Exactly like a gnome.
-10. if they made a soundtrack to your life, birth to death, what's the last song? "I smoke two joints in the mornin..I smoke two joints at night..I smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright." Good ol Sublime..
-11. What do you usually write about in your livejournal? My days, opinions, life in general. But mostly about my days.
-12. What does being scene mean to you? It means knowing what's up. being open minded. Not so much with all the labels, but with everything. Street smarts.

the end.
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