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If you're scene

Then we won't ban you

A devious look and a cold glass of lemonade
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Scene and be Seen.

This is the community where we decide whether or not you are scene. just for kicks, you know.

This here is a rate community. 20 votes, at least initially, and if you get more yesses than no's (moderator votes count as two) then you get this nifty stamp. if you get fewer yesses than no's, you get a bad stamp. if you get a bad stamp but keep commenting in the community, you'll be banned. its not that hard.

Like hot or not (no affiliation) except scener.

1. No Flaming
2. Do not anger the mods.
3. No nudity. C'mon people, nude isnt scene, you should know that
4. Do your application right. That includes a full lj-cut of the pictures, or of more if you want.
5. Be SCENE for pete's sake! Scene and smart are related. hence:
6. Don't be stupid. we'll decide.
7. NO COMMENTING OR POSTING UNTIL ACCEPTED. no bueno. pas bon. Nicht gut. не хороший. não bom. Niet goed.

"You may NOT comment on your own application at all."


If any of the above rules are violated, we will ban you. all moderators have the power to ban any individual based upon their own discretion.

So heres the application for new people. respond to them just like you would any application. Dont mention donny darko or rufio. then MAYBE we'll vote for you

-1. Name and a nickname which you've invented for yourself within the last few seconds.
-2. five favorite bands and five bands that people would be surprised to hear that you listen to.
-3. What does your favorite article of clothing look like?
-4. Your favorite band is being played on MTV and popular radio stations all of a sudden. Bad or good? why?
-5. Describe your favorite concert memory.
-6. What's the scene like in your area?
-7. Make me laugh OR provide evidence for why scenesters dont need to be funny.
-8. Why are your bands better than my bands?
-9. What are you like? (hint: respond with "I am like...")
-10. if they made a soundtrack to your life, birth to death, what's the last song?
-11. What do you usually write about in your livejournal?
-12. What does being scene mean to you?
-And post 3 pictures of yourself, more if you want, but at least two have to show your face, at least one has to be completely random, and one must be the scenest photo of yourself you have.

Extra credit if you can finish this line:

"Oh --------
Are you ------ with air?"

As this secret song changes each time someone gets it right, feel free to post it on your application.

Moderated by
smearedblckink: louise
f0ust: foust
saycellardoor: lowe

Accepted Scenery:27
in order of acceptyness:
bruceismytwin, rip_paper_stars, saycellardoor, rentabat, smearedblckink, evellia, miabuela, letmerai451, bustroddied, watchmeinfiltra, spotdash, and__apples, punch_drunklove, la_vache, cunt_mechant, sa_rah, uberdubey, thisisaziz, anxious_youth, digforfire3, elli_, liquorstore90, ellaphant, sateenandlace, mediocrebanana, shadowshark

and thats it. if you applied but didnt get stamped(bad or good), then complain to us and we'll judge you.